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We produce trendy
women's trousers
at our own factory
using refined patterns
for your high sales
on marketplaces.
Only what sells! We rely on analytics and offer only in-demand
trouser styles! Production of trouser assortment on specialized
equipment starting from $10 per unit for batches of 400 pieces.
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Tailoring trendy
women's clothing
in bulk under
your brand name
  • Trousers
  • Shirts
  • Skirts
  • Dresses
  • Hoodies
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your product line
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Wholesale tailoring of women's clothing starting from 400 units

Our factory in Bishkek has been tailoring since 2001
Delivery from Kyrgyzstan to major European cities
100% final inspection of batches
Full documentary
Available in stock or made-to-order with a tailoring time of 6 weeks
Orders starting from 100 units, tailoring starting from 400 units
We cooperate with
over 100 brands

What do we sew? Products


Plus-size shirts, stylish and youthful shirts for your brand

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Plus size skirts, stylish and youthful pants for your brand, templates for your plus size

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Plus size trousers, stylish and youthful trousers for your brand, templates for your plus size

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Plus-size women's dresses, chiffon dresses. We will send you a fabric catalog

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Turkish fabrics that combine affordable price and high quality

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About Our Production Manufacture

Welcome to our community of fashion enthusiasts and sewing professionals. Shveiprofit invites you to engage in long-term and productive collaboration! The Shveiprofit team is a garment manufacturing company with a successful history of over 22 years in the industry, regularly receiving orders from 50 major brands on a monthly basis. Understanding the needs of our clients, fashion buyers, we have created a company that can provide a WIDE range of women's second-layer clothing as a turnkey solution.

Order Process Procedure

1Model Development:

We can develop a model based on a photo, sample, or your own patterns. You don't need to visit us in person. Simply send us a photo or patterns of the desired model, and we will provide you with a ready-made sample for approval.

2Fabric and Accessories Selection:

As part of the order fulfillment, we assist you in selecting the fabric and accessories for your garments. We not only take your order but also guide you through the pros and cons of different materials.

3Sample Production and Approval:

Once the fabric is chosen, we sew a sample for you to confirm the fit and quality of the garment.

4Production of the Full Batch:

After the sample is approved, we proceed with the production of the entire batch. Thanks to our streamlined processes, we have achieved high production efficiency, ensuring that your order is completed within a short timeframe.

5Quality Control at Every Stage:

Our QUALITY ASSURANCE SYSTEM includes multiple stages that ensure the launch of the model and minimize the production of defective items.

6Preparation for Shipping and Transport:

We label and pack the manufactured products according to your requirements and collaborate with trusted shipping (cargo) companies for transportation.

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